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The Bed Silk and Pashmina

This magical city of Uttar Pradesh is also visited for the exciting and interesting shopping options as here one can get the best quality silk products at very affordable rates. The Bed Silk and Pashmina shop is considered to be the best shopping hub for those who are looking for silk products and Pashmina. The store is well known in the city for the table covers, pillowcases, Pashminas, bedsheets, clothes, etc.

Timings: 9 am to 10 pm

What to buy? Bed covers, pillowcases, table clothes, etc.

Favorite of Varanasi Souvenirs

People come to this city for all possible reasons and below mentioned are some of the best recommendations as souvenirs to bring back for your family and friends.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Having a Banarasi Saree in the closet is a dream and desire of almost every Indian woman even if they don’t prefer wearing a saree. The city is worldwide famous for its silk products especially silk saris. No matter which street you enter, you are surely going to find shops of Benarasi saree where one can find a variety of colors and shades.

Explore some of the most popular areas in the city from where you can purchase the finest quality of Sari for your grandmother, mother, sister, or wife. Wholesale shops in the Thatheri Bazaar and Peelikothi area of Varanasi are the two massively crowded market areas where you can buy the best quality products at reasonable rates.

Timings: Most of the shops open at 10 in the morning and closes by 9 pm.

What to buy? Benarasi Silk Saree and hand-knotted carpets

Ganga Jal- The holy water of River Ganga

Inarguably, Ganga Jal or the holy Ganga water is the biggest export from Varanasi and as you stroll around the ghats you would see heaps of plastic gallons of varied size. Devotees buy these cans to fill them up with the holy water and take it back to their homes. If you are coming from a distant place then go for small cooper cans that are nicely packed to prevent any leakage.

Lal Pedha

Dharwad Pedha and Mathura Pedha are believed to be the two types of Pedhas that dominate South and North India respectively. Varanasi is very much famous for selling sweets and Lal Pedha, the more roasted version of the Pedhas. The sweet is stuffed with dry fruits and loaded with ghee and this gives it a crunchy flavor. Try buying it from the shop near Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple or the sweet shops of Kachori Gali.

Varanasi is heaven for religious people but is the same for the food lover as well. There is a lot of food options that you can try here and some of them are kachori sabzi, Malayiyo, Dahi chutney wale Gol Gappa, and chooda matar.

For shopping in Varanasi : Take care of Touts ,Rickawala (man) ,they are trying to force to see factory.

If you need any help then contact us (For best pace for Shopping’s).